Yes, re3nk! We want you to think beyond the 3 Rs of the eco-movement – reduce, reuse, recycle. We want you to think in a whole new way. Greening isn’t just about re-processing old product and making new. It is about making educated choices in your daily life. Since BZI’s inception, long before it was PC to be green, we have been engaged in the effort to preserve the earth’s limited resources. We have the knowledge to support you in making thoughtful choices toward a greener tomorrow.

Beyond Zebra… recycled products, fresh ideas.

Going “green” has become the biggest buzz in the promotional products industry, but here at Beyond Zebra, Inc., it has been our way of life for years. BZI’s offices incorporate earth-friendly practices on a daily basis, and we work hard to educate our clients about the benefits and challenges of greening their purchases. Through our ongoing research, we continually seek out new and developing eco-friendly merchandise that is:


OrganicProduct made from fiber/raw material grown without ecologically damaging pesticides, fertilizers or other chemical agents. Organic farmers practice crop rotation to reduce pests and maintain soil nutrients.


SustainableProduct made from regenerative plants such as hemp, soybean and bamboo. The use of these resources conserves an ecological balance, replacing dependency on water-hogging, pesticide-loving crops, such as cotton.


RecycledProduct made from reground/melted post-industrial (factory scraps) or post-consumer (pre-used items such as soda cans, water bottles, or rubber tires) material.

Our belief is that we must all do our part to care for the environment we are leaving to our children.

“Because our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint, perhaps our gravest concern is that by sourcing green product overseas, emissions are released in transporting the goods. This is similar to the problem we all face at the grocery store: Should I buy produce that’s organic or local? While there are no simple answers to these questions, BZI has a commitment to working with each client to make thoughtful choices. Greenness of product, quality, price and shipping must all be considered. Through this collaborative process, we hope to educate both our clients and our suppliers – we need more domestic sources to go green and bring us closer to a better tomorrow!”

Terri Yamate-Ottengheime, President, Beyond Zebra, Inc.

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