BZI is a distinctive presence in the promotional products industry. Working in partnership with you, BZI will help find the right premium to add value to your marketing plan.

Customer Service

BZI’s unique environment was created to encourage open communication and idea generation as a group. Project teams are assigned to each client to promote out-of-the-box brainstorming and unconventional approaches to your marketing strategy. Unlike other ad specialty agencies, our sales staff does not compete against each other. Instead, we channel our competitive energy into creating the most dynamic product for
each program.

Global Presence

We do not sit in our armchairs and comfortably surf the internet for ideas. BZI sources and distributes globally – our product has traveled the world from Atlanta to Zhangzhou. In order to provide the most innovative, quality product at the best possible prices, our well-traveled team attends international trade shows, visits showrooms and factory sites worldwide.

Brand Management

Through its corporate experience and vast network of alliances, BZI is able to offer clients an array of brand management services. Our clients can focus on what really matters – business – instead of worrying about product safety regulations, social compliance initiatives, royalty agreements, and copyright and trademark infringement issues.

Distribution and Fulfillment

Offering full service distribution, fulfillment services, and door-to-door delivery globally, BZI will get your product where it needs to be in plenty of time. Our goal is to save you money and meet your deadline.