Success Stories

JVC Swag – Kudos from Bloggers

JVCJVC got a tremendous response from bloggers after using Beyond Zebra, Inc. for their swag at the Consumer Electronics Show. BZI produced a custom shaped die cut air freshener to promote JVC’s Arsenal line. Product came in under budget and was a huge traffic builder for the booth.

Commerce Bank – Relationship Builder

Commerce BankCommerce Bank requested a premium to give to local accountants prior to tax day. The goal was to get the accountants to promote the various investments that Commerce Bank offers. BZI’s solution: A vibrating “massage pen” packed in a box custom printed with the IRS 1040 Form. The box also included a slot for Commerce Bank business cards so that accountants could easily reference their local bank representative. The playful and creative tagline, “Relax, Commerce Bank is here for you 361 days of the year,” emphasized the client’s commitment to customer service and forged a lasting relationship with BZI.

Miramax Films – Thinking Outside the Box

Miramax FilxMiramax Films enlisted BZI and a guerilla marketing team to target college students to promote its line-up of horror films. The marketing team’s idea was to provide local bars with coasters imprinted with the various movies. BZI’s alternative solution: Custom armband, neck and body tattoos, along with glowstick “blood” lanyards. Not only did the nightlife-lovin’ twenty-somethings become walking billboards as they went from club to club, but the tattoos were also eco-friendly! All inks were vegetable based and printed on a compostable paper backing. The mylar protective sheet was also recyclable.

Artemis Consulting Group, Inc. – Tailor Made Product

Artemis Consulting Group, Inc.A woman-owned environmental consulting group asked BZI to provide company shirts for its firm. Because the company specializes in the development of sustainable solutions, BZI’s suggestion was to provide product that gave the same message. Environmentally friendly Soybu (a soybean and bamboo fabric) shirts made from sustainable plant matter were so comfortable and stylish that the client decided to use the same product as client gifts to their top accounts.

Wal-Mart – Safety Regulations

Wal-MartBZI was asked to produce a large number of play construction helmets for a large tie-in promotion for Wal-Mart. Because helmets are considered a costume, they are required to pass fire retardancy regulations. Initially, the client questioned the need for the added expense of a fire retardant material, but BZI explained that distribution without this special material would be a violation of federal safety regulations. BZI guided its client to make the safe choice.